Team and organisation

The European Federation of the Cluniac Sites is a wide-ranging network of people who all share the same passion for the Cluniac heritage !

  • President Armand Genoux and the officers of the Federation

    Armand Genoux was a Founder Member of the Federation and became its 4th president in September 2014.


    Armand Genoux owns the ancient parish church of Cluny -Saint Mayeul- and the priory which was attached to it in the 19th century. He is a retired accountant who has been actively involved in the work of the Cluniac network since 1994. His aim is to develop, in partnership with others, strong governance for the European network to ensure its continuing growth and sustainability.

  • Christophe Voros, Director of the Federation, and his team

    Christophe Voros took up the post of Director in 2004, after having been in charge of development.


    His team comprises Magdalena Jamka, responsible for administration since 2012 and Morgan Monterrat, responsible for communication since 2016. The Federation offices are situated in the Tour des Fromages, in Cluny. From here the Federation oversees the European projects- both national and regional.

  • Statutes and procedural rules

    These were adopted on June 24th 2016 at an extraordinary general assembly of members in Carrión de los Condes (Palencia, Spain) and are available below.