Cluny and Cluniac sites, UNESCO World Heritage status ?

Since 2018 the European Federation of Clunisien sites has been working with various different european organisations and institutions to make it possible for the grouping best named as « Cluny and Cluniac sites » to be included on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.

Putting Cluniac sites on the UNESCO list – why do that ?

The actual places and their treasures, whether natural or cultural, constitute an important heritage for mankind. UNESCO, after having approved the general idea of « exceptional universal value » then decided to produce a list of « world heritage sites ». The objective ? To assure their preservation and appreciation.

To get « Cluny and Cluniac sites » placed on such a list is to ensure that we keep witness to the legacy and influence of the abbey of Cluny in an European context over history. It’s therefore not about celebrating the past but preparing the future !

Registering with UNESCO

On the list of UNESCO world heritage sites are more than a thousand places, all having a cultural or natural heritage that the « World heritage committee » of UNESCO feels is of an exceptional universal value : their very existence enriches us all while their loss would represent a loss for all humanity. Becoming a world heritage site is obviously the best way by which to become really well known and to be raised to a level of internationally-recognised importance ; it is also, though, a guarantee that such a site will be particularly well protected.
The Cluniac sites, <br/>a unique heritage ?

The Cluniac sites,
a unique heritage ?

During the Middle Age, the monks of Cluny worked out a vision of an ideal Christian society which, little by little, then spread throughout Europe....

The participants in the project

The participants in the project

The European Federation of Clunisien Sites (EFCS) , which is coordinating the project, has made efforts to raise awareness about it with various...

Understanding our Cluniac application

Understanding our Cluniac application

The grouping « Cluny and Clunisien sites », which is to be put forward for « world heritage » recognition by UNESCO will be placed within the...

The steps in gaining « World Heritage status »

The steps in gaining « World Heritage status »

Cluny wasn’t built in a day - and neither will our application be either. Here we focus on the steps we need to take to be listed.

The advantages of our cluniac application

The advantages of our cluniac application

The process of « Cluny and its cluniac sites » becoming inscribed with UNESCO can seem long and time-consuming and the end result isn’t...

The scientific file<br/>Cluniac sites and exceptional universal value (EUV)

The scientific file
Cluniac sites and exceptional universal value (EUV)

The scientific committee will establish an international list showing the EUVs of the Clunisian heritage. But first they will be dealing with a...

The scientific file : <br/>the device

The scientific file :
the device

To support the work of the scientific committee, there’s a need to build a list of clunisian sites which are clearly identified. To organise and...